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Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety In The Workplace

1338212_30238506-150The workplace is an environment filled with social interaction, obligation and pressure. It’s one of the largest triggers of anxiety amongst sufferers of the disorder, particularly social anxiety disorder. In order to relieve our anxiety in the workplace, there are a few things that we can keep in mind.

Have faith your abilities

There’s a reason you were hired to do this job – because you can do the job. The fact is that you were the best person they found for the job. You don’t need to feel as though you should doubt your abilities. Your employer didn’t doubt your skill when they hired you. If you’ve held the position for a while, you can guarantee that your boss is still pleased with your performance.

Stop, breathe and focus

If your anxiety starts getting the better of you, try to take some time out to stop, breathe and focus. Have a read of our previous article, Breathing Exercises For Anxiety, for some ideas on how to effectively lower your anxiety by breathing.


Keeping your problems in perspective is always important in managing anxiety, and the workplace is no different. Is one irate customer really worth that much stress? Is that customer angry at you personally, or are they just angry at the store policy?

Talk to your boss

It’s pretty common for anxiety sufferers to think that they’re problems are silly or too trivial to bother their boss with, so they just sit there worrying instead of speaking up (believe me, I’ve definitely been there). But sometimes you’ll find that your boss will be more than happy to help you out if needed.

Give it some time

If you’re knew to your job, it’s easy to start thinking that you’ll never be good enough or never fit in. This isn’t necessarily true. Quite often all you need is some time to get used to the job and the people you work with. It usually takes most people a few weeks, possibly even months, to fully settle into their job. As an anxiety sufferer, you might take a little longer, but you can definitely get there eventually.

Remember your accomplishments

When you’re struggling with anxiety in the workplace, or the pressure starts to get too much for you, remind yourself of every time you’ve overcome it. Or remember every time you’ve been anxious about something, only for it to turn out ok. Always keep in mind every achievement you make at work. If you’ve achieved something before, there is absolutely nothing to stop you from making accomplishments again. And if you’re doubting whether you have ever achieved something, remember that even having a job as an anxiety sufferer is an accomplishment in itself.


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  1. My problem is my anxiety is so strong I would never get through a work interview… Man social anxiety is a struggle

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